Combined rugged sensoring to get an
instant fertilizer advise on your handheld

Soilcares relied on the Scope to create the attractive

and easy to use product design as well as the cleverness

of the mechanical architecture to realise the challenging

functionality that has been patented.

Photography: Eyelike

The lightest in class with
new production technology

The Condor Endurance incorporates an 8000l

rotation moulded tank. Scope proposed this

idea and created the new design for the Condor

Endurance sprayer.

Quality is the deciding factor

More than 15 years de Jong and Scope collaborate

to bring the best possible coffee experience to the

market. Scope delivers design research on tacid

needs, translation into product design and the

graphic user interface.

Photography: Eyelike

Mobility to the next level in the
operating and treatment context

An integrated approach on

design and mechanical architecture

resulted in patented cleverness and

an award winning degree of innovation.

Photography: Eyelike

Flexible ergonomic use
in an industrial context

SKF teams up with Scope for a seamless

integration of Industrial Design and User Interface

Design in her tool development projects.

Photography: Eyelike

One product design that fits
smoothly in two brand identities

In the co-creation of the Varix for Miedema and Struik

Scope created one design that can express their

different brand characters. We evolved the technical

foundation that was provided as a starting point.

An exclusive design to fit the
brand experience as a whole

Scope determined the brand identity of Swiss Sense making

use of Scope's Visual Brand Tool. The visual identity output

was translated into a unique design language, into functional

cleverness (wireless operation, use in flat and standing

position) and into a graphic interface for complex functionality.

The highest award for our design
of the Sedeo seating system

Scope achieved a clear distinction between

user-operated functionality for daily use and

dealer-relevant adjustment possibilities needed to

adapt the seat to the required physiologic settings.

A new and accepted form language
for high pressure air switches

Innovative design that uses production

possibilities to express robustness and reliability.

Scope's work proved to be an effective tool to reinforce

the customer awareness of the Asco/Emerson brand.

A new and accepted form language
for high pressure air switches

Innovative design that uses production

possibilities to express robustness and reliability.

Scope's work proved to be an effective tool to reinforce

the customer awareness of the Asco/Emerson brand.

Turning a medical device
into an object of desire

A complete new design, mechanical architecture,

functionality and user interaction. The result is an

ingenious patented solution for endoscope

drying and storage that is embraced by Olympus

headquarters for worldwide distribution.

Instant feedback on the right
installation by clever design

Since 1998 Wavin makes use of Scope's skills like

creative engineering, design and ergonomics/usability.

The Smartfix couplings have been award the highest Dutch

design prize in 2007 in the category professional:

"A textbook example of added value by design"

A big difference in identity
with changing only one part

In the highly competitive consumer electronics

market Scope realized a new product identity

with the re-use of housing parts, button positions

and electronic boards.

A new look for bicycles

Bicycles have always had our interest.

For Duis, Scope designed the Icon chain

guard with a strict cost price goal and the

ambition to create a distinguishing look.

Intelligent frame functionality in
an attractive empathic design

Scope designed for Schell a hospital bed with

an intelligent new side-frame: easy one hand

use, completely stored away under the bed

and with a restricted swing. The distinguishing

design of the inside provides a homelike feeling.

Product Design

Product design is where we come from, it’s our skill. We love creating an attractive product that our commissioning parties can present themselves.

Interaction Design

Scope also creates designs where interaction with a product is possible. For the client, this is the ideal way to obtain a product that provides the desired overall experience.

Product Services

Our designs are increasingly used as an enabler for a client’s service. Through a system oriented approach to projects, we increase our client’s impact.

Design Research

We investigate the world of experience of users and consumers, as a result we ‘know what moves them’. Allowing us to firmly establish innovations in practice.

In every project that we work on our ambition is patented cleverness and award winning design

Ineke Tolboom

Thanks to the innovative design, our quality image has been further emphasised. This has been confirmed repeatedly by the many positive responses we have received from the market.

Ineke TolboomMarketing communicationsAsco
Robert Beelen

The first click now occurs naturally, enabling us to sell projects that would otherwise have been awarded to someone else. Without this identity we would not be the CLB we are now.

Robert BeelenCommercieel DirecteurCLB Benelux
Maurits de Jong

With this machine we can receive requests based on the design from all over the world, which was not possible before its introduction.

Maurits de JongCommercieel directeurDe Jong Duke
Maikel Koppen

Scope contributes to a vision and awareness with regard to the use of design and colour schemes to produce smart total designs that have functional, commercial and aesthetic added value. The colour schemes and the choice options add freshness and distinctiveness without undermining the logistic process.

Maikel KoppenProductmanagerHandicare

About us

Scope has 20 years experience in the design and realisation of products in a wide range of markets. We deploy design, technology and ergonomics as an instrument to create distinctive brands, products and related services. As an extension of your organisation we help you to achieve your ambitions for innovation.

We are fascinated by the motivations of our commissioning parties. If you link this to a ‘getting things done’ mentality, the fun we can have in working together and the drive to achieve the best possible result with everything we do.

The result? Attractive and award winning designs. But above all: designs that are ‘spot on target’ and contribute to the objectives of our commissioning parties in an effective way.

  • Cooperation

    We believe in the strength of cooperation and we always prefer to cooperate! Through our enrichment model you get the quality of our entire agency through one designer.

  • Extension

    Commissioning parties experience us as an extension of their organisation and deploy us in that manner. For a lot of companies we work as an external, internal design department.

  • Award winning design

    For us, this is never an objective in itself. But we go for gold and every award we win makes us happy. Ultimately though, it’s the result that counts!

  • Integrity

    We do what we say and we aim to foster long-term relationships.

"Best of the Best" for Soilcares Soilscanner

Scope Design has been awarded by RedDot as Best of the Best…

Wavin introduces the by Scope designed SiTech+

At the VSK fair Wavin introduces her new design for the SiTech+…

Miedema & Struik introduce the Varix that was designed by Scope

Both Miedema and Struik launch the joint project for the improved…

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