Industrial design of international allure: according to Algemeen Dagblad – Amersfoort

Ruud van Slooten writes in his editorial in the AD of April 26, 2019 about the approach of Scope to achieve successful innovations; How we achieve industrial design with international allure. Read the article here. Photography Nico Brons.

“Best of the Best” for Soilcares Soilscanner

Scope Design has been awarded by RedDot as Best of the Best in the category ‘professional products’ for our design of the SoilScanner for Soilcares. Soilcares thank you for the trust and the freedom that we received during the development project!

For Dutch Sprouts and SoilCares, Scope Design together with RedMerito was responsible for the translation of scientific models and measurement setups to an easy to use and portable hand scanner; the crown jewel of Dutch Sprouts.

The innovative character and the possible global impact on improving yield of farmland lead the “Financieel Dagblad” to publish an extensive article about this project on friday the 16th of January 2017.

Red Dot | Best of the Best | Professional products

This award is given to ground breaking design and is is the highest achievement in the Red Dot Award: Product Design. The award is reserved for the best products in their category.


Wavin introduces the by Scope designed SiTech+

At the VSK fair Wavin introduces her new design for the SiTech+ low noise tube and fitting system. Scope is proud at the new design of SiTech+ and that nearly every fitting system of Wavin is designed by Scope.

At SiTech+ we spent a lot of attention to the design of the different couplings and pre-formed tube ends. We maximized the way we utilize the possibilities that production techniques offer and we thought of clever functionality.  For instance a barrier for the mounted tube and an indication to show the angle the coupling is mounted in.

With this new design Wavin achieves a clever solution that enables installers to do their work faster, better and easier.

Miedema & Struik introduce the Varix that was designed by Scope

Both Miedema and Struik launch the joint project for the improved ‘cultivator’ : The Varix. The Varix has a special system that allows raw chunks of land neatly processed into fine, well workable soil.

Scope used the by Struik developed technology and enriched it with a design that matches the two different brand identities associated with Miedema and Struik.

Scope again makes a sidestep to packaging design

Our befriended company BrandTraders asked Scope to design new packaging for its LightStax after the success of our previous design for Light Stax Junior. These light emitting building blocks give LightStax a special gaming experience and have inspired Scope to a range of packaging with a clearly recognizable character that expresses exactly that qualitative value that fits to the high-quality product.

Maria turns Scope into an international designteam.

As of July 11, 2016 Maria Cichy is part of the team at Scope. With her education at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and her roots in Poland Maria is an international complement to Scope. Based on her experience in design for 3D printing she developed an interest in complex, three-dimensional surface patterns and ways to integrate them into consumer products.

Martin new team member for Scope!

From July 1, 2016 Scope added a new member to the team. Martin Vroegindeweij, known to Scope by its graduation project for Skill, in the context of Industrial Product Design at Windesheim, is now officially working at Scope. Martin likes to approach design from a realistic point of view and strives for quality and simplicity. He likes to translate this into robust, sustainable products that have a formlanguage that communicates balance and logic.

Experienced design consultant reinforced Scope.

April 11, 2016 Bouke Wilens has been added to the team of Scope Design & Strategy. This involved and creative industrial design professional is widely trained in the direction of the Fine Arts, Engineering and Industrial Design. Bouke is passionate about developing and realizing products that have a positive impact on the lives of users.

Wilbert will be working for Scope!

Early April 2016 Wilbert Hak started working within the design team of Scope. He sees it as a challenge to create a product from concept ideas. Based on a study at the Design Academy Eindhoven and years of experience, including as R&D manager, he combines creativity and technology. Wilbert enjoy smart solutions.

The Nio is a fully automatic coffee machine designed for use in the office or catering environment. The keyless entry, cleaning and use functions enable smooth filling, cleaning and dirt disposal from the outside, without the need to open the machine.

The clear canisters for ingredients, accessible from the top, are a confirmation that each cup of coffee is freshly made, whilst at the same time they can be easily refilled. The indication LEDs not only provide a vivid picture, they also support the coffee experience of the Nio.

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