Omnitek wanted a new design for the S-flow viscosity meter. Scope Design provided a compact integration of the functionalities and a new graphic user interface for the new 12 ”touchscreen.

DOC operating chair

Doge Medical wanted a new generation of mobile operating chairs. The prize-winning design of Scope Design has unique, patented functionalities.


Scope designed an extensive instruction to make connecting and handling medical endoscopes of Van Vliet easier and more transparent. The complete manual graphically shows all possible installation situations. This not only improved the reliability and efficiency of working with the endoscopes, the demand for the adapter and accessory sets from van Vliet also increased significantly. A good example of a complete development of a product-service system.


De rechte traplift van het Britse Handicare onderging een technische en uiterlijke metamorfose die heeft geleid tot meer bedieningsmogelijkheden en gebruiksgemak.

Schell Cocoon

A strong hospital bed, practical for use by healthcare professionals and where the patient feels safe and secure. Scope Design received this order from Schell Industries.

Meander Dialysis Agenda

Changing appointments took a lot of time for both dialysis patients and the staff of Meander Medisch Centrum. Scope Design was asked to come up with a solution and in 2011 presented the


The UMC Utrecht wondered whether improving hospitality would also be useful for the patient's mood. Scope Design did research and made recommendations.

Endoscope cabinet

Olympus and Van Vliet Medical Supplies can enter the German market with a modern endoscope cabinet that allows user-friendly drying and storage of endoscopes.


SKF asked Scope for a completely new design for an existing strobe. The high-end product now fits in the pocket of maintenance technicians and can even be used with gloves on.