a new identity
for the french
medical company soluscope.


To for Soluscope a endoscope washer which implemented product improvements and the individuality of the company can communicate credibly, Scope worked on-site together with a team from Soluscope. Based on insight into the possibilities and feasibility of new ideas, the housing of the Series4 washing machine was developed and delivered in 3D CAD. Scope stayed in it realization process closely involved and guided the engineers of Soluscope in this phase as well.

Soluscope (a French company from Marseille) asked Scope to design its washing machine for endoscopes (Series4). The goal was to get one successor to make for the S3 in which some product improvements would be implemented, with preservation of proven components in the base. It new appearance of the Series4, the implemented product improvements had to communicate credibly.

analysis & interviews in Marseille

Soluscope wanted the new washing machine to be the individuality of the company. Together with them we worked on-site, so we got to know the company better and we were able to dwell on the functionality of the endoscope washing machines and the conditions.

identity investigation

The analysis of our interviews revealed that Soluscope stands for humanity, friendliness and Humour. The company makes products that fast, small and efficient to be. Products tailored for the hospital world, where reliability, professionality and hygiene are very important. With this starting point, Scope worked on developing one design language for the Series4. We defined product properties and visualized the design for the new washing machine with reference images. We made the first sketches for the improved product on location.

Housing design

Together with Soluscope's core team, we released the practical possibilities and we were able to test the feasibility of ideas and principles. We realized the development of the housing in-house, with the result 1: 1 models of the Series4 that served as a reference for further development. Scope handed in the design of the housing 3D CAD, where we worked out different colors and shape definitions and we guided the Soluscope engineers with the realization of the product.