From medical
necessity, towards
an aspired design object.

summary or the endoscope cabinet

Olympus and Van Vliet Medical Supplies wild ones their GV700 endoscopes drycloset redevelop thoroughly. The medical instruments can be used immediately from the drying cabinet without (dis) disinfecting them again. Scope Design has focused on efficiency and the user experience. The new NG800 is characterized by a distinctive appearance, larger capacity and more ease of use. The new endoscope drying cabinet is not a standalone product, but can be adapted as a modular system to the situation of the user. The NG800 has received national and international awards with a GIO and an IF award. 

design letter

In a market waarin endoscopic surgery is becoming increasingly important, wild ones Olympus and Van Vliet Medical Supplies a new, better version of their existing endoscope cabinet realize. The scopescloset dries and stores flexible, medical endoscopes, which doctors use for internal examination of patients. From the drying cabinet, the medical instruments can be used immediately without (disinfecting) them again, even after long storage periods. Scope Design was challenged to present this new 'futureproofdesign version and develop. 

The approach of the project

Scope Design focuses on smart functional vernieuwingen in a new, distinctive design. This project illustrates where this can all lead in practice. For example, the capacity has been increased by over 20% and a droenvironment with gauge pressure created. In here become the endoscopes dried in a smart, even flow from HEPA filterede air That the total airflow in the cabinet guaranteet climate 

Through with this also pressure build-up in the cabinet secured Which the instruments in this one HEPA-filtered environment preserved can turn into. After opening the doors, the ambient air is refreshed extra quickly is going to be again an overpressure built up. The interne channels of the endoscopen be dried/stuffed? with extra dried medical compressed air. Individual flow sensors determine the exact air flow per instrument. By connecting each instrument to a single, easily accessible, central connection, reliability is improved and connection is made easier by the user.  

efficiency gains

Scope came up with a new suspension for the endoscopes, so that now there are not seven, but eight scopes fit in the same closet. At the same time, it was made possible to met one engineering part (electronics, fan, filter etc.) instead of one now twoe cabinets with eight endoscopes to guide. All in all, the available drying capacity, in an unchanged space, has increased by 22 %! 

Innovation in production

The customer had the wish to have the existing cabinet significant cheaper to produce. Scope creëeerde a design that uses smart solutions from the steel office cupboard production.  

So the NG800 can now be made just as efficiently and at a lower cost. 

Also were the doors of the existing cabinets simplifiedd. The metal doors with windows werden replaced by completeg glazen doors. Simpler, more beautiful and with a better view of the product and the total interaction. As a result of this design change, we may have introduced operational security risks and safety.  That's why Scope immediately after the concept choice with functionele models the risks of use of glass doors tested thoroughly. In order to obtain certainty so early in the process that the choice of glass doors was the right one and that the customer could also meet the demanding medical regulations in this regard. 

Modular system

The new endoscope drying cabinet is not a standalone product, but can be adapted as a modular system to the specific situation in hospitals and the wishes of the users. Due to the different configuration options (4, 8 or 8 + 4 or 8 + 8 endoscopes) hospitals can dry efficiently in the available space- and savecreate solution.

Improved interaction design

Thanks to the renewed status indicatione the inside the cabinet above the endoscopes, nurses can see the availability of the instruments at a glance. The availabilty of the instruments can be read from the lighting in different colors, which makes healthcare professionals this from a distance straight away can see. This saves time-consuming trips to the display and improves the interaction between user and product. 



The new NG800 characterized by a distinctive appearance, with a continuous round shape and a slightly recessed technology compartment. The closet is clear, easy to clean, special ergonomically and visually appealing. The endoscopes are more visible from outside the cabinet thanks to the glass doors. The endoscopes are arranged in an orderly manner next to each other and are connected to a single air connection, integrated in the ceiling arm. By using one connection, the number of operations with the endoscopes is reduced and the chance of errors is reduced.