More self-determination
for patients and medical
duty of care quaranteed.

summary of the dialysis agenda

If dialysis patients a scheduled appointment Bee Meander Medical Center wanted to resist, they had to do that by phone. Which cost the organization of it Hospital a lot of time and was also experienced as annoying by the patients. Scope Design did qualitative research and looked critically at the daily practice and experiences of patients, nursing staff and doctors. In 2011 used to be the the result, in which the patient manages the appointments himself and the hospital checks whether it is medical is responsible. 

design letter

A lot of dialysis patients have to go to the hospital regularly. If they wanted to reschedule a scheduled appointment at Meander Medical Center, they had to do so by telephone. That worked threshold raising for the patients and the organization of the hospital took a lot of time. Meander Medical Center wondered if it would be possible to get one solution in which the dialysis patient has more freedom of movement in the agenda and still get the medical duty of care of being sickandhouse is guaranteed. 

The approach of the project

To good insight to get into the interaction between patients and the hospital Scope Design conducted interviews with patients, nursing staff and doctors. From that it clearly emerged that above all patients wanted more flexibility when making or moving appointments. With that information are different concepts developed and presented to stakeholders. It chosen concept has been further developed and of the final version is in collaboration with one IT partner the web application programmed. 


Scope Design has together with partners the built and implemented and it so for dialysis patiemade possible That she their own dialysis moments can plan. They have now more control over the own treatment. This became the question from Meander Medical Center fully answered. Or, as a staff member of the Meander put it: 'This new way of working has brought more peace to our operating system. The staff now has more time to be busy with care and the patients can talk about them again own time available. "