When developing this chain guard there was direct cooperation with the bicycle manufacturer Batavus instead of with a supplier, as was usual up to then. As a result, the idea of brand Batavus was paramount in the development process and the Batavus design language was directly applied to the new chain guards.

Brand driven design

Sporty and dynamic characteristics are paramount for the Batavus brand identity. In the design, characteristic form elements are used that emphasise this. The chain guard is modelled with svelte bending lines and the transition from round forms with sharp definitions expresses this dynamic character in its design language and lines.

Realistic image

When developing the mean screen, as usual for Scope, the ideas were visualised with sketches. This means increasingly detailed alternatives can be presented during the various stages of idea development. By describing the build-up form in detail, models can also be made. And finally, by realising the shape in 3D a realistic image of the new chain guards can already be created at an early stage .

Innovative improvement

With its extensive knowledge and experience in the bicycle industry, Scope is able to develop realistic and innovative designs. In the Mean Screen, a clearly defined design ambition is combined with functional improvements. For example, at various locations additional splash protection has been added to better shield the open chain and the clothes of the cyclist.