CLB mainly supplies total communication system Unicare to institutions in the healthcare sector. This system was developed by CLB in-house. The Unicare system ensures that all electronic equipment and sensors in a building are connected to one IP or ISDN cable network and can communicate with each other. It delivers all information on people and systems in a building – from intercom to fire prevention – to one point. CLB provides software systems, but also the products with which the software can be controlled (see Nurse Calling System).

Set of icons

Up to then, CLB made use of standard Windows icons. However, there was now need for an application-specific set of icons to be able to display and communicate everything that was possible with the Unicare communication system. In line with all graphic communication developed for CLB, Scope was asked to design a set of icons for Unicare. For Scope this was the perfect challenge as we could could use all experience gained with similar user interface projects and our detailed understanding of the total system’s functionality.


Designing this set of icons was a complex puzzle. For a large number of components in the institution(s), such as lighting, doors, intercom, sunscreens, music, the nurse calling system etc. the icons had to be able to display a different status. The diversity of the different components and their current status had to be communicated clearly and in contrast with other statuses. But all this could not be at the expense of a quiescent overall picture and coherent communication.

Use in applications

After the set of icons was developed as a whole, the use of it in different applications was considered. Questions about the operation and control of the various components were also paramount here. What can be controlled by patients or healthcare professionals? Where is the administrator who controls the applications?