Wavin quality

Wavin asked Scope to design a new range of fittings for hot and cold water pipes. Fittings with their own identity that emphasise the quality of Wavin. In order to realise this, Scope focused on designing a product where ease of installation, smart construction and a high quality appearance make the difference.

By using an innovative gripping mechanism for the tube of the smartFIX ‘slimline’ and a convenient diameter/length ratio, easy installation in often tight spaces was achieved.

Well placed!

It’s ‘plug & play’ (push and fit) and thanks to the rotating looking glass, the technician can always see whether the pipe has been placed well. After exploration into the connection of the fitting itself by Scope, a snap cap or clicked cap was chosen.

By making smart use of texturing the product has a premium quality brand appearance without additional costs. Together with realising the smartFIX, an idiom was developed that went on to lead Wavin’s new projects; a benchmark for the Wavin design.

Dutch Design Awards 2007

Winner of ‘Professional Products’ category

The jury report: This apparently simple ‘low-interest’ product has been cleverly designed with an attention to way it is experienced both practically and emotionally. The design is not only the result of technical ingenuity, but also demonstrates a conscious decision to adopt a real back-to-basics brand strategy than can be both aesthetically and commercially successful. The handy slim form and, for a professional product, detailing that has been thoroughly implemented are indications that this is a product of quality. This is a textbook example of the added value that design can deliver.’