Interaction Design

Scope also designs the interaction that is possible with a product. For the client this is an ideal way to obtain a product with the desired overall experience. Because both the graphical interface as well as the operation and the general use of a product influences the total experience.

Furthermore, the experience with products is also influenced by the choice in software or hardware solutions for the interaction. With an integrated approach to product and interaction design, the best result for the client is achieved.

The solutions designed by us vary from interactive solutions in desktop applications, websites and web applications on several platforms and integrated interface solutions in products for medical and consumer applications.

In doing so, Scope applies an approach with a focus on the usability of the interaction for the user. By using prototypes of the hardware used as soon as possible, the client is able to provide feedback quickly and experience the actual interaction. In close cooperation with programmers and hardware technicians we ensure the technical feasibility.