Product Service Systems

Our designs increasingly serve as an enabler for client’s services . Through a system-oriented approach to projects we increase the impact of our clients within their markets. We design solution products, interactions and aids across the full breadth of the contact points the user has with the product of our commissioning party. This way, we increase the impact of our commissioning parties in their markets.

Thus for the storage and drying process of endoscopes we have made instructions so they can be connected more safely. A visual aid that clearly depicts which parts are required and how they have to be used. This has a positive effect on reliability, ease of use and efficiency. With this service an entirely new business has been linked to the existing product.

This is an example of a Product Service System that mainly concerns enhancing the ownership and involvement in the service of the product. The users, in this case medical professionals (physicians and nurses), become owners of the product due to the clear user instructions and also become more familiar in the responsible and intended use of the endoscopes and all associated adapter kits. An additional effect was that the sales of these significantly increased!

In recent years, Scope has also been involved in PSS projects with a greater emphasis on ‘consumer empowerment’ and individualisation of the service. Here, improving the alignment of products and related services to the specific needs of the users is paramount.

Examples of this are the projects for the Meander hospital in Amersfoort, where was developed. This increased the self-determination of patients because they got greater choice as to when the dialysis is planned. In the UMCU, through a study of patient’s needs, more insight into, and practical solutions to improve, the experience of hospitality in the hospital has been enhanced.