Scope IS


Scope consists of, among others, designers, technical and strategic designers, all of whom Scoper's DNA to own. A Scoper is eager to learn and is constantly working on personal development. Scope is therefore always looking to get in touch with talent, in which we look for like-minded people, to together to have a good time, excellent solutions to design and personal growth by making.

A Scoper's drive is to understand the aspirations and goals of our relationships so that we can thinking along, advising and add our expertise. With our internalized Design Thinking, we are working towards a optimal customer experience. We achieve this through branding & design, interaction design & User Interfaces, ingenious engineering, model making & testing.


Head in the sky 
Feet in the mud

As a team, Scope can de best possible results deliver for our clients. That's why we enrich each other's work and help each other to make results better. Head in the sky, feet in the mud: we don't just invent it, we also finish it. Until we have tested prototypes and all details are on the drawing! As a result, you also grow as a Scoper and we achieve as a team the maximum out of each other's talents.


We give each other opportunities for personal and professional development. With each other to invest we in the growth of our studio and our position as innovator. Every Scoper is part of this process.

will you DEVELOP with us?

At Scope Design you get the chance to be part of a professional design team, with which we design in different markets for different services. We search talent to expand our team. Are you in?

Past dit bij hoe jij zou willen werken en wil je verkennen hoe je onderdeel zou kunnen zijn van ons team? Dat kan via onderstaand formulier of via

We are curious about who you are and would like to get to know you!


Scope Design is one medium-sized design studio met inmiddels meer dan vijftien ontwerpers/engineers en grote ambities. We to design products and services in various industries, national and international. Award-winning design with which our clients can make the difference.