Scope Design has not only designed a brilliant product, they also completely supported us.

Scope developed the overall design concept as well as the patented Near Infra Red light source inside the scanner that produces the scan. Aluminium injection moulded parts are ingeniously integrated to disperse the intense heat of the light source. They also contribute to the expression of robustness and quality that is required for a high value sensor. Together with your smart phone it is all you need to receive good fertilizing advice.

The Soilcares Soilcanner received  in 2017 the prestigious  Reddot | Best of the Best award for “very high design quality and creative performance”.

Direct fertilizer advice

The scanner is used to enable farmers in Africa and other developing countries, to increase their crop yield by receiving, through the Soilscanner and the App, instant advise on how to fertilize their farmland and which type of crop can best be grown.

Complete support

Scope supported Soilcares with the project management as well as the central projectcommunication between components suppliers, electronics developers, detail engineers and the design team.

Scope developed the complete dust and watertight (IP65) housing, applicable in a heavy duty use environment. One of the biggest challenges was the heat development due to the internal light source. The heat is dispersed through the aluminium frame and the light source housing.

Scope also created and realized the completely new and cost efficient light source. The light source, together with the optical mechanical sensor, is the heart of the scanner. With the scientists of Soilcares we tested and optimized this clever functionality until the final patented version.

Realization prototypes for user test

Scope designed and produced the first 15 functional prototypes that Soilcares used to test in Kenia. To realize this in our studio we combined an available light source with Arduino hardware and software to connect the Soilscanner with the smartphone App.