Over the past 25 years, we’ve advised our clients on the maximum effect they can achieve with our contribution to their product development. Whether we assisted with design research to determine market sensitivities that we translated to unique buying arguments, whether we designed their product and interactions to be attractive in the broadest possible markets or whether we completed propositions with the best possible product-related services.

Now, connecting the dots, we understand that it’s in our DNA to contribute to the focus and the effectiveness of your investments in innovation. Therefore, we have created the Scope Design Lab, in which we’ll offer this as a service independent of research or development projects.


By structurally cooperating around your innovation strategy we ensure that the ideas of your people are given a fair chance to grow. Your business strategy will be embedded into your innovation process so it will sprout the new products and services that bring your future profit.

•   Employee engagement through innovation workshops

•   The continuous process to generate and select ideas

•   Ensure your innovation effort brings what your strategy needs



To make this happen we created the Scope Design Lab with our studio partners and senior designers. Designers that can actively listen to your ambitions and understand your goals and that feel the responsibility for progress and viable solutions.

Together with stakeholders from your company, we’ll create a virtual community within the Scope Design Lab to allow space for exploration, experimentation, and ideation. By blending our cross-industry view of developments in value creation with your knowledge of your products and markets we generate ideas that can become your next strategic value proposition.


As a business owner, you have proven that your brand brings new products successfully to the market. You have a clear position in your field and you know where you want to go. As you grow, you may find it gets harder to keep your people engaged with the same goals you want to achieve. We believe we can help you bring focus and effectiveness to your innovativeness. By integrating your stakeholders with our Scope Design Lab we create a safe and inspiring environment where ideas sprout that bring your company strategy to life. Your people will feel heard and be fully committed to your strategic goals.


Feel free to contact us through! We’re happy to listen to your specific situation and explore if a collaboration could bring added value. We’ll share our experiences and insights on innovation strategy that we gained from our collaborations with other clients like:
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