Every design is a Team effort

Every project is tailor-made and we start with the request of our client. What is the need and in which context? We make an inventory of the critical success factors and agree how we can embed them in the project. Is the emphasis on the brand, the application or the product? We are talking about the properties, functionalities, look and feel and possible innovations and objectives.


Scope Design combines beauty and ingenuity in form and functionality. We deliver products and interactions that are well thought out and strikingly beautiful, so that they offer added value for every user. For us, that is the focus with every new design. Every design is the result of the complete studio. The knowledge and expertise of each individual designer is added to the final design. At Scope Design we call that the enrichment process.

project management with milestones and scrums

Although creativity is essential in our profession, we work in a structured and process-oriented way. We have enriched the milestone or waterfall method with scrums. In this way we monitor the progress in time and result at the same time. At Scope we are used to working under time pressure, without compromising on quality. This is guaranteed in our structured project management.


Scope Design has the ambition to be the best in every sector in which we work. We deliver four disciplines for six markets throughout Europe. Our approach works, proven by customers who come back to us time and time again and as shown by the recognition of international juries. Although we prefer to be modest, we are proud of the various awards from NDP / DDA, IF and Red Dot and in particular the Red Dot Best of the Best 2017 for the Soilcares soil scanner.

meet our talent

Working together to increase the success of our clients. By listening carefully to the question behind the question. Complementary and innovative, based on a clear personal vision. In contact with our customers, producers and suppliers every day. Curious about end users and their needs. As a team a nice mix with broad expertise and experience. We go together for the maximum result. Always!

Inspired? work with us

Do you want to work with our talent? We are happy to work with you. We like challenges , make the impossible possible, do everything we can to get something done. Share your ambitions and we will make it happen. We push boundaries and exceed your expectations.