OUR services

Over the past 25 years, our services have evolved organically from our core competence from ambitious product design to a complete end-to-end approach. Where it started with the drive to support decision makers in finding the right success factors for design, Scope is now able to support customers in the entire value creation process.


Our core competence is in the development of attractive and feasible product design. In close collaboration with our customers, we have been supplying future proof, technical ingenuity and award winning design for many years. Scope converts ideas into developed results and makes use of sketches, translation to 3D CAD (SolidWorks), prototyping in our workshop, functional testing and engineering.

We insert our creative ideas into appropriate designs for the intended target market. These designs represent the DNA of the company and contain the necessary product requirements. We deliver our results to internal engineering departments or directly to a producing party, exactly how the customer wishes.


Nowadays, many products are equipped with a display or a touchscreen, which enables interaction with the product. The way in which the user experiences the product is strongly influenced by this interaction. Our ambition is always to develop a surprising (digital) user interaction, which is easy to understand for each user.

Scope develops graphic user interfaces; from flowchart / workflow, clickable demos, paper prototyping, wireframes to the delivery of pixel perfect design. Even sound effects and LED-driven light guides are integrated into products for the optimum user experience.

The combination of product and interaction design enables us to achieve the ultimate harmony between the product with its physical interaction and the digital interaction with the graphical user interface.


Over the past five years, Scope has also added value for customers by designing and developing their product-related services. This includes installation processes, maintenance manuals and the selection and/or use of relevant accessories. These services also determine how a user experiences a product and therefore have a strong influence on the ultimate customer satisfaction.

We map all touchpoints which makes us understand the entire customer journey. We use a human-centered approach and use interviews, context mapping or making flow charts. From our knowledge about cognitive ergonomics and the understanding of the user, we are able to devise and optimise the entire product-service system. Now that we are also successful in developing these services, we are able to create complete end-to-end solutions.


If desired, projects start with (worldwide) generative research into the needs of users and consumers. In this way we gain deeper insight into what motivates them and what expectations, wishes and ideas they have. We translate these 'insights' into success factors that we anchor in the product realisation process.

We use special generative research techniques such as probes and shadowing to understand the context and experience of customers and end users from the inside.