summary of THE V'ECO

The door of the V'Eco is made of 100% recycled material and the view panel is made of coffee grounds in a bio-plastic. The use of this special material, which also smells like coffee, makes this fully automatic coffee machine part of the ACT2 program of de Jong DUKE. This program is aimed at taking social responsibility from the corporations in the field of environmental problems. The machine can be personalised by the customer by means of a brand. This also contributes to the sustainable character of the V'Eco machine.

design letter

Applying a truly circular panel is still unprecedented in the fully automatic coffee market. The smell and texture, coming from the coffee residue in the bio-plastic, gives an absolutely ecological character to the entire machine. The product is not only sustainable, but also 'tells' the story about circularity to the end user. The three-dimensional, organic pattern establishes a link with nature, as it is reminiscent of tree bark or lawns. The way in which logos, which allow the customer to personalize the product, can be engraved or branded in the panel contribute to the environmentally friendly character. These design choices keep the panel industrially compostable. The V'Eco underlines the drive of de Jong DUKE and Scope design to develop sustainable solutions.