traditional yet
technologically sound
design for asco's treatment system

summary of the EMERSON POWERPLUS

Manufacturer Emerson wanted the, until then, low brand awareness of the Asco upgrade power pulse damper, without would increase production costs. Scope Design picked up the gauntlet and developed a completely new series of Asco powerpulse air valves . A recognizable and high-end product, with which they even won an IF award . 

design letter

The powerpulse air valves from Asco ensure that accumulated particles of dust and dirt are blown away in air treatment systems. These valves are part of a larger installation and traditionally have a low brand experience. Manufacturer Emerson wanted to change that, without the products costing more.

The approach of the project

Better powerpulse air valves at the same cost with a laundry list of technical specifications , requirements and preconditions. Emerson considered it an impossible task . By turning the product, use and production process inside out, turning and tilting, Scope Design managed to provide the air valves with a new design. The icing on the cake was the addition of the Asco brand to a prominent place in the product, which greatly increased the brand experience when used.


Emerson received a completely new range of Asco powerpulse air valves, which can be manufactured with the same amount of material as the existing air valves. Budget neutral so! Scope Design also made a product brochure in which all different types are clearly presented and the USPs from Asco clearly come to the fore. Scope Design received an IF award for the result.