Creating a brand
identity for Alfen
car charging stations.


Around the recognizability in the market and identity to continue loading the brand, became Scope Design through electric charging pole specialist ICU Alfen asked for a new one formandlanguage for design.  With the Visual Brand Language tool of Scope for this laid the foundation. And this one formal language has been directly applied in developing a new charger for home use: the Home Charger. We have been smart about doing this within this development investments in parts, that in more products in this series of chargers, come back. So it is clearly recognizable and affordable product realized, and moreover, a real eye-catcher. 

design letter

ICU Alfen is a big player in the market for it electric charging of vehicles and has a wide product range for all market segments; Huncle, Business, Parking and Public. To increase the recognisability in the market and the identity to continue loading the brand, Scope Design was asked for a unambiguous formal language for the design to develop.  

VBL Tool

To like this efficient possible, To collect as much information as possible about the brand character and chargers of ICU Alfen, Scope Design has the Visual Brand Language (VBL) tool deployed. We were able with the results of this tool, to develop a consistent language for the design of different products from ICU Alfen. For example, it is possible for the various electric charging stations, to communicate as much kinship as possible with a limited number of components. 

Translation To concepts

The new ones formlanguage for design we applied directly to the charger for home use: the Home Charger. We have our focus put on the parts that also appear in other products in this collection. This makes each ICU product clearly recognizable, affordable and moreover a real one eye-catcher! Also we have smart functionalities added, such as the ability to remove the lid tilt of the plug.  


Dear the production techniques and parts we used, feels the Home Charger high-quality On. The design makes the ambition from ICU Alfen tangible!