Modular positioning belt with an inventive two way adjustment button system.

summary of the Posigo

Posigo has asked Scope to develop a positioning aid that combines the various advantages in one product. That is why it is a modular belt, with which every user is supported as well as possible. The belt has a unique closure that can be used more easily by the user himself with the large light-operated push button on the front. In addition, the belt is adjustable in both directions with the rotary knobs, to make the belt tighter and looser.

The modular design in conjunction with the adjustment makes it easy to adapt the belt to the different needs of different users.

Design Brief

It was important to Posigo that the user experience comes first. The product must be adaptable to the needs of the users. The belt is modular, so that after choosing the right size as a base, the different parts can be attached to serve the different needs of the customer. This means that only 5 starter sets (for the different sizes) are needed, which also improves transport and stock management .

The design and composition of the 5 different sizes of fabric parts is optimized to sit comfortably around the hip . By shaping the contours of the fabric parts with the body in a sitting position, the belt falls naturally around the hip, and the shape together with the soft materials minimizes bottlenecks around the hip bones.


Scope was responsible for the full development of the positioning belt. From the design of the use and ergonomic tests of interim prototypes, to the detail engineering and fine-tuning of the moulds. Based on Posigo's specific market knowledge, we have achieved this end result in close collaboration .

During the process, the emphasis was on developing a comfortable product with easy operation. Rapid prototyping has enabled rapid development steps for both the technical parts and the fabric parts, in order to be able to test and improve the product as quickly as possible, in order to achieve a high-quality result.

Modular Design

Due to the modular design of the belt, the product can be adapted to the needs of the user . For some users, there is a four-point sliding system , so that the users cannot slip under the seat belt. It is important for other users that they are not allowed to open the belt themselves, for which a closure that can only be operated with a pin can be used. Because the buckle is connected with a clamp, other custom solutions can also be applied here.

Safety First

The tool is easy to disconnect because the button is on the front. This allows it to be used comfortably even with limited hand function.

In order to find the balance between robust construction and ease of use, the product was extensively simulated on the computer and then tested for strength with physical tests. By looking for the optimum in this way, a robust product has been created, which is still sufficiently easy to open for the users while the belt is tensioned.

Design Results

Posigo is an addition to the current market. The positioning aid is full of innovations and has a friendly appearance for the users. The modular design allows a wide range of users to benefit from the safety, security and comfort that the product offers.