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INSPIRED by the Brand story

AgroCares specializes in providing data solutions for measuring important soil parameters to increase crop yields . These services are provided to farmers, who are often located in remote areas, therefore it is important that soil measuring can be carried out on location . To make this possible, in addition to their online solutions, AgroCares offers a portable, physical spectrometer .

After a successful collaboration in the design of the first edition of the Agroscanner – the E-series – it was decided to introduce a second generation . Scope was again asked to design the new spectrometer – the F-series.

upgraded specifications

The new device offers a greater range of measurable spectra and a significantly larger battery capacity .

The design had to reflect the advanced capabilities of the product. It also had to fit the AgroCares brand identity and at the same time accommodate the newly introduced technology. The additional challenge of the project was the very short time to market introduction . Effective planning and quick decision-making were the key factors in making this project a success.

The identity
or agrocares family

The design of the first generation scanner created a recognizable brand image . It was important that the new F-scanner belongs to the same product family . Key form factors were reinterpreted and introduced in the new design. The large base indicates that the scanner is a device that stands firmly on its own. The aluminum frame that encloses the housing and the robust details provide a protective appearance. The horizontal handle above the product is intuitively designed for straightforward use and demonstrates the portability of the device. The iconic silhouette with angled handle remains a reference to the tulip planter, a tool from the horticultural world that every farmer knows.

robust and reliable

The scanner not only had to look robust and reliable , but also have to be so in reality. During the engineering phase, multiple tests were carried out to validate the durability of the housing .

Since the product is intended for outdoor use, special attention was paid to ensuring sufficient water resistance . The implementation of the seal around the measuring lens and the addition of the silicone cover for the charging port were part of this assignment.
The geometry around the measuring lens is designed for easy cleaning . All possible openings for dirt to enter have been eliminated to minimize the risk of contamination of samples measured in a single pass.

timing and production

The short deadline made project management one of the success factors. The tight schedule required the design team to make quick decisions about the direction of the concept.

The partnership with the production partners and the decision on the production location had to be made at a very early stage of the design process.
The housing components were designed to be suitable for injection molding and aluminum casting . The need for a rapid market introduction led to the choice of an alternative production method, namely vacuum casting and CNC milling. This choice not only significantly reduced machining time, but also made it possible to produce early prototypes using the designated production method. This allowed the verification of the technical choices to be done much faster and more efficiently.

COMPLETE solution

Scope has approached this project holistically . A complete solution included not only the design of the spectrometer, but also the calibration tool , an update of the packaging and graphics for the user manuals. Optimization for easy installation was taken into account during the design process. Scope also provided the training to guide the future assembly team through the assembly steps.

The first series was produced and assembled shortly after the design was finalized. Several F-series units were successfully tested at various locations worldwide . F-series spectrometers are currently available for purchase from Agrocares .

Holmatro Mini cutter