Summary of the CLB PEGASUS

The Pegasus wifi messenger is a new type smart wearable, that is used by doctors and nurses for, for example, (video) calling, data, extensive reporting and medically certified alarm for CPR. CLB was looking for a usable and portable design for the housing. In consultation with the electronics developer, Scope designed a compact housing and created a design for the total functionality and interaction of the Pegasus that fits well within a medical environment.

Smart wearable

The Pegasus WiFi messenger is a new type smart wearable used in a medical environment. The wifi messenger integrates in one device the possibility for both (video) calls and messages, such as medical alarms. The Pegasus also works via WLAN.

housings design

CLB was looking for one for the Pegasus housing design for the messenger and the charging station with a strong focus on usability for the doctor or nurse.

To a pleasant ergonomics In order to realize portability, a compact housing has been designed that can be operated from multiple sides, depending on the function and the way of carrying.

compact design

In order to realize a compact design, a close collaboration with the Scottish electronics developer started. Alternatives in PCB design and component selection were explored at an early stage as structure design and translated into volume models with which the form factor could be determined.

This ensures the portability of the Pegasus and determines how the different functionalities and interactions with the messenger would be functionally realized.

Interaction in a medical environment

Scope then creates it housing and interaction design for the Pegasus, based on preliminary electronics designs. Central was the usability in a hospital environment. This gave rise to the idea of reading messages directly on the top display when worn. This is easy to read in all lighting conditions OLED top display immediately serves as a button to confirm receipt, for example.

technical ingenuity 'in disguise'

The front of the Pegasus has the most functionality and is still quiet organized.

The emphasis is on the 2.3 ”color display and the alarm button. Speaker and microphone are subtle concealed. This made functions such as (video) calling, data, extensive reporting and medically certified alarms for resuscitation, for example, usable for a user group with fewer affinity for technology.

A precursor on the use of the smartphone in a hospital environment.