A safer and
better bond
between mother and child

summary of the FAMED NEWBORN BED

Famed , a producer of medical products from Poland, asked Scope to develop an improved version of an existing bed for newborn babies . Scope conducted research into how mothers , who have just given birth , take care of and treat their babies, in order to identify the most important areas for improvement for the  to find a bed. The C-shaped design of the new cot is cleverly constructed and ergonomically safe and pleasant to use. It brings mother and child closer together. 

design letter

Famed, a manufacturer of medical products in Poland, wanted to develop a new variant of an existing bed for newborn babies. In particular, it had to offer more user options and be more friendly to both mother and child. To develop this innovative product, they knocked at Scope Design.  

The approach of the project

Scope extensively investigated the interaction between mothers and their newborn babies , in order to find the most important points for improvement for the existing bed. As it turned out the valve with which the existing bed was opened, forming too much of a barrier between mother and child. The space that was created when the flap was opened also created a risk of the child rolling out. Scope went looking for solutions .  


The C-shape of the new design is sli m crib constructed and ergonomically pleasant to use. The cot can easily be driven over the mother's bed so that she can be close to her baby . The transparent material on the sides ensures optimum visibility of the baby. And to do to create sufficient security uto his head - and foot of the bed just opaque material. The bed can be placed on either the left or right side of a hospital bed . At the top the bed has a washable nameplate. Babies are quite similar.