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full control
or rescue operations

summary holmatro wireless remote

The Holmatro Wireless Remote is used by professional rescue teams, such as the fire brigade, in specific shoring scenarios. Bee shoring becomes a mass, such as a vehicle, building or ditch stabilized by struts so that rescuers can work safely.

The remote is part of the new one OmniShore range from Holmatro and allows the user to operate multiple struts from a safe distance. It is now no longer necessary to get close to the struts to operate them, as was previously the case. The controller is designed to withstand the demanding operating environment, where good waterproofing, drop resistance and an intuitive User Interface were the important principles. In the future the Universal Remote will too can be used for other applications. By using flexible function buttons, Holmatro can also control other tools from their portfolio with the wireless controller in the future.

safety first

Safety is the highest priority in any rescue operation, as it is essential to have full control over the actions of the struts. That is why the product is designed in such a way that easily operated can be, even with firefighter gloves On. To ensure that the controller can withstand bumps and falls, the product has a robust design with TPU surfaces on the outside. This makes the controller resilient to the challenges of rescue operations. In addition, the controller has an IP67 rating dust and waterproof, allowing the device to be used reliably even in rough conditions. For extra comfort, a carrying handle can be attached, allowing the product to be carried comfortably. This way the users have the option to to have their hands freewhile carrying the product safely with them.

from sketch
to engineering

Holmatro wanted it design of their first wireless remote connected to the al existing series pneumatic control units. Scope has the characteristic features from this family are reflected in the design: ergonomic two-handed operation, black user touchpoints, iconic grip surfaces, and the characteristic ratio between Holmatro's brand colors orange and black. The product is also visible in the working field due to this signal color very recognizable for the user. After an analysis of the intended use, Scope has devised the product design, explored different sketch directions and detailed the chosen housing and mounting design and the engineering to a ready for injection moulding product developed.

Holmatro remote

user interface

In addition to the development of the electronics housing, Scope also developed the user interface developed and developed into a Graphical User interface (GUI) up to pixel level. Several struts that are connected via Bluetooth are immediately visible on the screen. The critical information for the system such as the strut's angular displacement, mode, direction and battery status always remains visible – even if a warning or error occurs in the system.
In the future, the product will also be useful in other rescue scenarios where a completely different tool can only be controlled with an adjustment to the software.

robust and
made to last

The Wireless Controller is a valuable addition to the OmniShore range. Remote control of struts has many advantages: it is safer for operators, it offers more ease of use and a much more convenient setup of pumps can be used. Scope worked closely with Holmatro and the electronics development partner during the design process, making the end result a robust and intuitive solution offers.

Holmatro Mini cutter