a strong
brand language
that is recognizable

summary of the Koelstra next

The Next is a new stroller from the renowned quirky Dutch brand Koelstra. For the Next, a search was therefore made for an iconic appearance with a distinctive character compared to the multitude of available alternatives.

The lines and the unambiguous use of materials continue from the push rod in the rear tube. This creates the sturdy and refined boomerang character that is recognizable from a great distance. This character is reinforced with the duotone choice of materials. The design idea has also been implemented in the seat and the bassinet, making Next a complete 3in1 stroller .

Scope Design was responsible for the design vision, product design and mechanical concept.

design vision

The design process started with the development of a design vision . Scope Design investigated what opportunities exist within this busy market for a distinctive design in terms of design and use of materials, both for the frame and for the upholstery.

distinctive look

Particularly special is the unique appearance in a market that is characterized by a multitude of suppliers with a recognizable design. This iconic look has also been 'maintained' during the implementation of the practical features , such as the foldability, the placement options of the seat, the Maxi-Cosi and the bassinet.


In the design process, much attention was also paid to usability during daily use: when folded, Next has good ergonomics for carrying and when folded, the frame does not touch the ground, thanks to impact rubber details. The Next seat can be extended so that it 'grows' with the child and in daily use the seat as a whole can remain in place when the frame is folded and a lot of attention has been paid to the comfort of the belt, which is used frequently. 

Frame AND construction

The frame has easily removable wheels and a spacious shopping basket with a transparent mesh, so that it does not look massive under the pram. In short, Next meets all usability expectations with comfort for parents and child.