A modern coffee experience
with the use of effective
user centered design

summary of the LUA

Lua is a new office coffee machine that delivers espresso-quality coffee all day long. To demonstrate this, typical features of classic espresso machines have been used in the design of the Lua, such as the metal C-shape. This fully automatic machine makes a perfect (double) espresso, latte, lungo or cappuccino.

In addition to the product design of the coffee machine, Scope Design also designed the graphical user interface. The user is subtly guided by light effects in the interface and in the illuminated and washable cup tray. A nice detail is the round display at the dispensing stage, which in idle mode is a clock, transforms into a start button during the selection and becomes a progress bar while brewing the coffee.

The Lua, as a coffee machine, fits very well in today's time and in an innovative office environment due to its high-quality espresso features and modern graphical user interface.

design letter

The design process started with a clear vision in which Scope Design stated that this concept had to be a high-quality espresso machine, fitting within the modern world of large displays and smooth interfaces. The trends we have seen in user centered design are serious screen sizes, inspiring looks, ease of use and a sophistication through micro-animations and dynamic interfaces.

These trends converge in the Lua. As much innovation as possible has been added to the design, such as the interactive lighting solutions in the cup stand, renewed suspension for the cup stand and the drip tray, a modern interface and subtle sound effects. All details have been thought through in the machine. 

No detail has been left untouched in order to make the internal improvement of the machine and the shape completely innovative for the customer and end user. More quality, more user-friendliness and the best coffee!