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SUMMARY OR the nio

Client de Jong DUKE wanted a coffee machine for the middle segment of the market with a professional look, maximum ease of use and maintenance and an optimal coffee experience for the user. Scope Design designed a compact machine that stands in the middle between a professional espresso machine and a high-end coffee machine. Visible ease of use , optimum product experience and easy maintenance.

360º design

The Nio is a complete designed all around machine, which with its beautiful back in the leisure market, can be placed freestanding on a bar. The cannisters for the ingredients protrude through the ceiling of the machine, as it were, and are integrated into it overall design from the Nio. This compact coffee machine is sold in both the high-end office market, as in the food service (for example to Albert Heijn) and to companies in the catering industry.


De Nio proposes the user able to easily operate the machine without opening the machine daily service on the machine. The containers with ingredients are, on top of the machine, easily refillable and cleaning the machine is easy to do with a pill. The dustbin for the coffee grounds and the stable drip tray be easily accessible to the operator from the front of the machine. This ensures the required maintenance by the operator greatly reduced.


Scope Design chose one 'what you see is what you get'- approach. By using transparent containers for the ingredients, for example, the coffee beans come clearly in the picture. This gives the user an overview of the ingredients for one fresh cup of coffee. And it is also immediately clear which ingredients need to be added.


The wide, horizontal orientation gives the Nio the appearance of a espresso machine. The distribution area is freely accessible and has a tidy appearance. The grid is made of wire steel, causing no moisture remains at the bottom of the cups. And you get for several people at once coffee, you just slide the filled cups aside. Several cups easily fit next to each other on it flat grid.


The Nio is a machine with one attractive and friendly appearance, it's almost like the Nio 'you look at'. And wherever you go, thanks to its unique appearance, you will immediately recognize this coffee machine. The materialization in pressed aluminum in combination with the large, glass touchscreen display and the height-adjustable head give the Nio the professional look of a high-end coffee machine.


The usage interaction is by Scope fully designed. Both the graphical user interface as the interaction with the product itself. The GUI is easy to understand internationally and offers a clear structure within the extensive functionality from the machine. This allows a user to create any desired consumption in 3 steps. 


However, the interaction goes beyond just the graphical user interface. For example by lighting in the cannisters the user sees which ingredients are used to make the coffee. The same lighting also indicates whether a container is placed incorrectly or needs to be refilled. The non-interactive use is also pleasant. Clear use cues for example inserting the cleaning pill make it easy to understand the machine. The wide drip tray with a continuous grid makes it possible to set aside consumptions that are already ready while a new consumption is being prepared.


The design won a Red Dot Design Award in 2014, an IF Design Award in 2015 and a European Design Award in 2018.