a sustainable
approach to design
with recycled metals

summary or RAW METALS

Scope Design developed a new way to create products from metal waste, without first melting the metal particles. The process is still in full development , but in the meantime has produced the first concrete results. The innovative metal composite contributes to the circularity of materials and sustainable production , because it saves the energy for fusing and transport to and from the smelters.

design letter

The linear approach to producing goods results in huge mountains of waste , plastic soup in the oceans and scarcity of certain raw materials. Scope Design sees it as one of its tasks to make designs as sustainable as possible, in use and production . During a working visit to HKS Scrap Metals in Amersfoort, we were inspired to do more with metal.  

The approach of the project

Normally collected material from metal is sorted , ground and then melted to produce new metal. Although this process saves the extraction of new raw materials , it costs a lot of energy during processing and transport. Scope Design was looking for a way to reuse metal in a more sustainable way and found the answer in RAW METALS.  


RAW METALS is a metal composite that is made without melting. The raw materials are collected 'around the corner' at the HKS Scrap Metals in Amersfoort. With RAW METALS we are currently conducting all kinds of tests according to the 'trial and error' method . We investigate how the material reacts to turning, milling, tapping, sandblasting and polishing. We want to know where we can use the new material, for example, we think of interior accessories like hooks and doorknobs, bicycle parts or toys. The first product samples will be ready soon!