fully autonomous
robot for
tulip treatment

fully autonomous
robot for
tulip treatment

SUMMARY OF the H2L Selector180

H2L asked Scope Design to design, engineer and improve the user experience of their Tulip Treatment Robot. With Virtual Reality, Scope presented its design vision, product design, constructive setup and detailing step-by-step, which resulted in a first product within 4 months.

Design Brief

Scope Design realised, for the functionality already developed, an innovative design with the highest possible value experience that fits well with the high-end detection and treatment functionality developed by H2L. The H2L Selector 180 detects and treats diseases in tulips in the early development stages. Although the diseases are difficult to distinguish with the human eye, the Selector180 detects and treats them completely autonomously.

The Approach of the project

Scope Design visualised trends in the agricultural machinery market, with which H2L and Smit Constructie could determine their direction for the desired appearance. With the insight into the already developed functionality and requirements and wishes for an autonomous agricultural vehicle, the product architecture could be designed, after which design sketches gave the character to the Selector180.

Progress was presented in Virtual Reality so that both the experience and constructive details could be discussed and detailed.

In addition to the design with accompanying color scheme and graphics, Scope also provided the engineering and translation into a production-ready TPD and drawing package.

engineered to be practical and robust

The design of the Selector 180 has a modern automotive look where smart use is made of a combination of steel and polyester parts. Logical product divisions, which have been designed weather-resistant by Scope and Smit Construction, make the internal components of the Selector 180 accessible from all sides.

The primary chassis continues into the bumpers, making the Selector 180 robust in daily use and easy to repair. The heat development in the machine is also controlled in a weather-resistant manner without forced cooling. Technical details are cleverly integrated in harmony with the high-quality product experience.

Passion of a startup

It's always nice to work with the passionate and dedicated energy of a start-up. Especially with the developers and managers of H2L and Smit Construction who have earned their spurs in the image recognition and robotics world.

Internationally, the product has been very well received and H2L and Smit Construction deliver what they have promised.

The design result

Internationally, the reactions from customers are positive and the treatment robot exceeds the expectations of the market. The Selector 180 keeps its promises functionally and is an example of the most modern form of autonomous agriculture in terms of concept and appearance.