an ergonomic
fast and efficient way to
detect bearing conditions

summary or the SKF Stroboscope

SKF asked Scope Design to match the completely new design of the stroboscope with other measuring equipment from SKF , including the Shaft Alignment tool , an earlier design by Scope Design. Scope started with exploratory research among the end users of the stroboscope. The stroboscope has been given a light and more compact housing and now fits in a maintenance technician's pocket. The tool is easy to operate even with gloves on. 

design letter

SKF asked Scope Design to make a completely new integral design for an existing stroboscope. The Stroboscope is an intelligent, handheld measuring device that can be used to inspect rotating parts . The stroboscope produces a flashing light that visually 'stops' a rotating part. In this way an inspection can take place while the machine, such as for example a conveyor belt, continues to run and the work can continue as usual.   

The approach of the project

Scope Design began exploratory study of maintenance technicians, end users of the strobe to get insight into the needs of users and end use environment. With this research leads have been collected for the development of the new stroboscope. 

SKF wanted the design of the stroboscope to match other measuring equipment from SKF, including the Shaft Alignment tool (also a Scope design), in terms of shape, color and use of materials. 

T he broad expertise within Scope in the field of compact electronics housings enabled a full collaboration with SKF's German partner in this project. 

Designed to be intuitive

The design and the rubber outer rim give the strobe a robust appearance and make it impact resistant . The stroboscope fits well in an environment of measuring equipment as well as in the world of heavy duty tools. 

The correct settings are now easier and more intuitive for a technician to choose for a reliable and accurate inspection . Ergonomically , the strobe has also been improved. When taking measurements, the new strobe is held upright in the hand . This creates a relaxed wrist position and the data on the screen can easily be read. 

Fully self-developed GUI

The strobe is well equipped for the technical environment in which it is used. By using an optical bonded display and the use of ' alligator glass ' , the readability of the screen is as optimal as possible. W ithin the same housing is at a more basic model with a simple LCD display. 

Scope also developed the Graphical User Interface (GUI), down to the pixel level. The physical buttons on the strobe are important for good with gloves to operate and have a clear visual relationship with the graphics interface. The GUI development began with a flowchart for a good insight into the menu structure, making an L CARBON-use structure of the operation of the strobe is reached. Ultimately, the screen layout and graphics were developed in close consultation with the SKF programmers. 

A product of collaboration

Scope worked closely with a supplier from Portugal during the detail engineering and pre-production. This cooperation has resulted in the quality of the product being guaranteed right up to the last moment. 

The product underwent a true metamorphosis. The tool is much more compact than its predecessor. In order to realize this, Scope provided valuable design suggestions, such as an intelligent component structure . With a light and more compact housing, the stroboscope now fits in a service technician's pocket. The high-end version can be connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth. 


The renewed product turned out to be so popular with customers that sales started well before the stroboscope hit the shelves. And even today , the reactions from customers worldwide continue to be positive .