an ergonomic
fast and efficient way to
detect bearing conditions.

summary or the SKF Stroboscope

SKF asked Scope Services to completely new design from connect the stroboscope to other measuring equipment in terms of shape, color and material use SKF, including the Shaft Alignement tool, one earlier design by Scope Design. Scope started with exploratory research to the end users of the strobe. Got the strobe a light and more compact housing and now fits in the pocket of maintenance technicians. The tool is even easy to operate with gloves on. 

design letter

SKF asked Scope Design for an existing strobe one complete new make an integral design. The strobe is intelligent handheld tester, with which inspection can be carried out on rotating parts. The strobe produces one flashing light with which a running part can be visually 'frozen'. In this way, an inspection can take place while the machine, such as a conveyor belt, continues and the work can continue as normal.  

The approach of the project

Scope Design started with exploratory research at maintenance technicians, the end users of the strobe, om insight to get in the wishes and requirements of the users and the ultimate user context. Be with this research clues collected for the development of the new ones strobe light. 

SKF wanted to design the strobe in terms of shape, color and material use connect to other SKF measuring equipment, including the Shaft Alignement tool (also a design by Scope). 

De broad expertise within Scope in the field of compact electronics housings made one full cooperation possible with the German partner of SKF in this project. 

Designed to be intuitive

De shapegiving and dThe outer edge of rubber, to give the strobe one robust appearance and make it impact resistant. The strobe fits well in an environment of measuring equipment, as well as within the world of heavy duty tools. 

De correct settings to be for a mechanic now easier and more intuitive to choose one reliablee and accuratee inspection. In ergonomically, the strobe also improved. When taking measurements, the new stroboscope becomes upright in hand kept. because of this creates one relaxed wrist position and can the information on the screen easy to read. 

Fully self-developed GUI

The strobe is good equipped for the technical environment in which it is used. By using a optical bonded display and use of "alligatorglass" is the legibility of the screen as optimally as possible. Bto collect same housing is also one Lake basic model realised with a simple LCD display. 

Scope also developed the Graphical User Interface (GUI), down to the pixel level. The physical buttons on the strobe to be important for it good with gloves On can operate and have a clear visual relationship with the graphics on the interface. The GUI development started with a flowchart for a good insight into the menu structure, making a logical and user-friendly structure of the operation of the strobe light has been reached. Ultimately, the screen layout and graphic elaboration were developed in close consultation with the SKF programmers. 

A product of collaboration

Scope has during the detail engineering and pre-production worked closely with a supplier from Portugal. This cooperation has led to the product quality guaranteed until the last minute. 

The product underwent a true metamorphosis. The tool is a lot more compact then his predecessor. To realize this, Scope provided valuable design suggestions, such as a intelligent component structure. With a light and more compact housing, the strobe now fits in a pocket of the maintenance technicians. Through Bluetooth the high-end version can be linked to each mobile device. 


The renewed product turned out to be so good to the customers, that sales started well before the strobe light was on the shelves. And even now the reactions of customers worldwide undiminished positive.