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summary of the CLB Nurse Call

To support CLB in its product development, Scope first developed a strategy for the design of CLB 's complete range of medical alarm systems. Important components of this strategy are a modular structure of functionalities and a recognizable Design Experience . Applied to the core product; the modular nurse call system Unicare, Scope designed a flexible and smart call system that can be kept hygienically clean and is practical to install.

touch points in picture

When CLB approached Scope for the development of its product range, they are the technology leader in the market. Unique is the possibility of CLB to handle both intramural and extramural medical alarms . CLB approached Scope to design the touchpoints for the nurses and patients, with the ambition to realize products that would have the same advantage in terms of User Experience.

CLB invested for the first time in product development and mould-related products. Scope therefore started with a design strategy, which led to a system for modular functionality and a consistent and recognizable Design Experience . It was sketched out how it would be applicable to the entire range of products.

user experience

' Unicare ' is used daily by nurses and patients. Nurses check in (and out) in the room and can make an assistance call for, for example, CPR. Patients can set off an alarm to 'call' a nurse or control secondary functions such as lighting, blinds and the like. Scope designed an interaction based on a simple two-button operation to avoid incorrect operation in emergency situations.

The function and status are indicated by the color lighting. This allows priorities to be displayed flexibly , for example depending on the presence of nursing staff in the room. The illuminated buttons make the operation of the nurse call system easy to read even at night.

Cleaning suitability

Hygiene is very important in hospitals and nursing homes. Edges around buttons are a place where bacteria accumulate and are almost impossible to clean. Scope therefore designed a control that is completely closed and that has no edges around the buttons. On the one hand, with a 2K injection molded housing of TPE on ABS, the closure was realized with sufficient flexibility for operation. On the other hand, this created a pleasant hand feeling for both the patient and the nurse.


ICT systems are installed in two steps. Initially, the cabling is pre-assembled, after which the ICT party installs the products. The design of the Unicare nurse call takes this into account, because the product base is a solid combination of a metal frame with plastic parts , which can withstand the rougher pre-assembly. The electronics can then be efficiently hooked in here. An assembly solution that fits well with practice.