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TRILO C30W Airport mowing

Trilo asked Scope to design the design of the C30W. A cut and collect machine specially developed for the airport to mow and collect grass and FODs next to the take-off, landing and taxi runways. Since the C30W is aimed at a very specific target group, Trilo wanted its own ' airside ' appearance. That's where we come in!

Efficient use of parts

In the agricultural market, many machines are made with a pragmatic objective and the expectation that the user has a lot of user experience. This often leads to a technical design, with many different specific metal covers and protective parts, which solves all kinds of partial problems. Trilo chose a different path, by developing one large protective cover . This shield can replace several small hoods. This offers ease of use, easier maintenance, and is more efficient for production and handling.

Modern design

By choosing polyester lay-up protective hoods , there was more freedom in design . The product's collection tray is made of metal to prevent possible damage from debris. Various other covering parts, such as the hydraulic cover on the front, the rear and the outsides of the 'wings' are made of polyester. This choice of material provided many possibilities in 3D design , thus achieving a modern appearance .


Scope has contributed to the user experience of the machine in several areas. In the design of the physical covers and their use during maintenance of the machine. But also the design of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) in the cockpit, and the manual control panel on the side of the machine. With the knowledge and experience of Trilo and the fresh perspective of Scope, a modern, visual user experience has been developed. Trilo products are sold all over the world. That is why a focus has been placed on the development to display as much information as possible graphically so that language is less of a barrier.

Virtual Reality

To form a good visual image, it is always preferable to make a 1:1 model or a scale model. Therefore, the dimensions of the machine presented quite a challenge. This has led to extensive use of Virtual Reality , from as early a stage as possible. This gave the stakeholders a good insight into the proportions, details , and the opportunity to assess the design at full size and from the right perspective . This was done several times with the project team, but also with Trilo's salespeople, shareholders, production employees and other stakeholders. Production and usage issues were raised early and could be resolved before the first prototype was made.

For more information about this product, visit the website Trilo.