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summary of the Virtu

At De Jong DUKE they work with coffee beans that can be seen. So they wanted a coffee machine with more transparency and experience. Scope Design moved the bean container visibly to the front in the door and added an interactive full color touchscreen, which allows every user to immediately see where their favorite coffee variety is located. The Virtu prepares the coffee visibly on a silver platter.

design letter

De Jong DUKE wants to involve the user more in the composition and preparation of coffee. If you choose the best quality coffee beans they should be seen. And the preparation process didn't have to be hidden either.

The approach of the project

The tastiest coffee in the most beautiful jacket. Scope Design wanted to seduce the coffee lover with a transparent design, inspired by the built-in machines of design kitchens. The canister for the coffee beans was brought forward by placing it in the door, with a transparent front. This way you always have an overview of the stock. To add even more experience, a large, interactive full colour touchscreen was chosen, so that your eye immediately falls on your favourite coffee variety.


With the Virtu coffee machine you not only make the most delicious gourmet espresso, but the design also fits in every modern office environment. Quality is reflected in the smallest details of this machine. The door is extra thin, which gives it an elegant look. You choose your coffee completely intuitively using the full color touchscreen and the coffee is then prepared using an open tray at the front.