a simple yet
ingenious approach
to designing a market leader

summary or the Smart fix system

Wavin wanted a new series of couplings for hot and cold water, which had to contribute to the Wavin brand experience . Scope Design opted for a compact, recognizable design with some smart specifications that make working with a Wavin link for a technician more pleasant and easier . The design won the Professional Product Award at the Dutch Design Awards in 2007.

design letter

Wavin wanted a new series links for warm and cold waterpipes, which are recognizable in the market, a contribution can deliver to the brand experience of Company.  

The approach of the project

A product is only successful if it is used with pleasure. To achieve this, Scope Design designed a link in which we combined ease of installation , smart construction and a high-quality appearance . By applying an innovative gripping mechanism for the pipe of the SmartFIX 'slimline' and maintaining a favorable ratio between diameter and length, we were able to make the installation of couplings in often tight spaces easier.

The product is designed to be 'plug & play' (push and fit), and the swivel peephole allows the fitter to see whether the piping is positioned correctly. After an exploration, we opted to interconnect the parts of the coupling for a 'snap cap' , a sort of click cap. By applying smart textures, the product acquired an A-brand look without extra costs.


With the realization of the SmartFIX we developed a design language that became a standard for new projects for Wavin. The design won the Professional Product Award at the Dutch Design Awards in 2007, with a telling quote from the jury report: "This simple-looking, low-interest product has been cleverly designed , paying attention to both its practical and emotional experience. The design is not only the result of technical ingenuity , but proves that a conscious choice for a real back-to-basics brand strategy can be aesthetically and commercially successful. (...) This is a textbook example of the added value that design can give. "