characteristic design
with a transparent approach
for a real coffee experience

summary of the ZIA

When developing the latest De Jong DUKE Zia, characteristic brand elements of the coffee machine had to be retained, such as the visible coffee beans in the container at the front. Scope Design made clever use of iPhone technology, giving the user a full screen display for the operation of the coffee machine. An optimal balance in design, interaction and functionality. The design won the GIO award.

design letter

When developing the Zia, De Jong DUKE wanted to capitalise on existing and characteristic brand elements of their coffee machines, while incorporating state-of- the-art technology into the new design. 

The approach of the project

The most important innovations had to be found in the high-end user experience. For example, a new display has been designed for the Zia in close collaboration with De Jong DUKE. In order to achieve full screen, smart use was made of iPhone technology. A bold choice, because the steam and moisture that are produced by brewing coffee can have a great influence on the operational reliability of the operation.


The new De Jong DUKE Zia has become a contemporary coffee machine in terms of design, interaction and functionality. The detection of glass cups by sensors is also innovative. It is a coffee machine with elegant lines, gourmet espresso, visible beans, a high capacity and a very advanced all-screen display. The design was appreciated with a GIO award.