switching from
an analog world
towards a digital world


Scope Design developed a digital step-by-step plan for the more than 1 million analogue customers of VodafoneZiggo with which they can independently set the television from analogue to digital reception . The big challenge in this project was the enormous variety of televisions with their own technical specifications and user manuals. In addition, the instruction had to be suitable for every type of customer. The online solution developed by Scope Design saves the client all kinds of costs and contributes to customer retention andcustomer satisfaction. 

design letter

VodafoneZiggo gaa not stop sharing the analog TV signal. This has consequences for more than one million households . If these customers do nothing, the TV goes 'black'. They can start using a digital receiver, but most televisions don't even need to. By adjusting the settings, most TVs can switch to the digital signal . To instruct all users how to do this for their own TV , the help of Scope Design was called in. 

translation of customer demand

VodafoneZiggo himself had customers already imported Korea nforme arround for transition from analogue to digital, but found it insufficient effect. The contract was filed with Scope Design, consisted of two parts: d e customer let out if the TV is suitable for digital reception and ask the customer to himself step by step to the process through to the TV back in to set. The variation in brands and models of televisions in combination with the different types of users was the biggest challenge . 

The approach of the project

It soon became clear that the solution had to be found in an accessible , digital step-by-step plan. In the meantime, the technical specifications and possible deviating situations have been introduced for all televisions. When this mega job was finished, the process could be set up at customer level. Each customer is interactively guided step-by-step through the installation process via recognizable digital images. "If you see this in the picture, you can do that." 


After a prototype was designed and tested by a diverse group of clients well had expired, VodafoneZiggo could put the digital roadmap online. The first resul t ate are positive. VodafoneZiggo can monitor the effect based on the questions that come in by telephone and via the website , the number of requests for a service technician and the number of digital receivers that are requested. For the client, the tool represents a huge cost saving é n enhanced service to the customer.